March 25, 2010

Let me be clear: No MORE!

We like to think if we ban things, people will behave better. We like to think WE are in control. The only thing we control is our behavior toward our fellow man, and I choose compassion. Health and safety have and will ALWAYS come first, unless or course you write or uphold the laws.

Time to start campaigning all. City council here we come. When one person stands up and authentically from the heart owns their convictions, change can happen. It really doesn't take much. The thieves of the people are on their way out.

And don't worry, when they come for you, we will be there to defend you and your property. We are no longer hiding in fear. We are longer remaining silent. We are no longer going to sit back while you protect and investigate your own. Cheaters will no longer Prosper. NO MORE!!!!

Come ONE, Come ALL. Get your cannabis toking spiritually evolved truth seeking assess out here. San Diego needs you and/or a taco truck.

Asset Recovery is where law enforcement is now going - learning how to seize intangible assets, like your cash, notes, investments. When a State runs out of money, they will go wherever they have to in order to survive. Don't B-Dum.
All they have to do to seize YOUR assets is say you were engaged in illegal activity, most likely tax invasion. Like that mobster dude they couldn't catch so they got him on taxes. ALL of us are in jeopardy.

It's what they do to the dispensaries. "We'll just say they were operating for profit, seize all their property, drag them through the court system..." And guess what? You lose everything trying to prove them wrong. If there was so much profit and it was drug dealers running them, don't you think more people would go to trial with a dream team? No, they all plea out of fear or threats to take their children (more Federal funding for states to grasp for, The Mondale Act, Title IV funds).

Eventually they will run out of cannabis users. Asset recovery seminars are popping up everywhere. I don't care if you agree with me, just PLEASE PROTECT YOUR ASSETS!

A commerical real estate fall is imminent and banks are already hoarding money, or is it whore-ding?;_3000_Community_Banks_at_Risk.html

p.s. Let me BE clear. What you need to understand at the end of the day is that SILENCE is NO longer an option.

Just working on my campaign, maybe.

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