July 3, 2010

Bill Horn is extremely unpopular...gruff, arrogant

But, but, but, it's all in the name of public safety.


"JENKINS: Well, you know, first of all he is an elected official. He’s a councilman. And the votes are going to be in the cities, in Oceanside, you know, Carlsbad, Vista and San Marcos. Oddly, the – not the – Horn is extremely unpopular in the areas where he’s know the best, in the unincorporated areas. And so Gronke has a – he’s got a steep hill to climb but I do believe that if the union support comes in for Gronke, he can make up some of that difference in fundraising ability. Horn is a great fundraiser, no question about it. But I do think that it is a year where incumbents have a built-in disadvantage, and we all have to remember that Prop B was extremely popular when it got 70% of the vote."

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