July 11, 2010

Caution: Care Zone ahead. Be careful not to trip over your own words.

Prop 19: I don't care who did or did not write it. I don't care who is or was for or against it. I don't care who thinks what might or might not happen. I don't care who needs "transitional" laws.

I CARE that this is a harmless plant that people want to Regulate, Control, and Tax. All this fighting is just more proof of its effectiveness. I care that the campaign for its eradication has harmed so many and for so long, all for the profits of so few. I care that the Science is ignored and/or manipulated.

Let's all step outside of ourselves for just a teensy moment and listen. Listen to the voice of reason in each of our heads. Now, tell me, what is it saying to you? If it's not screaming "FREE THE WEED", then it's probably trying to convince you why voting for this Proposition of Un-Liberty would serve the greater good. Guess what? It won't. The people are the greater good. Leave it in our hands or step aside.

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