July 22, 2010

Dear B-Dum,

‎400% increase in prescription drug deaths. 400% increase in prescribed opiates. 160,000 plus people die from poisoning deaths every year-the majority of those being from opiads. Marijuana deaths = 0. One third of the population reports suffering from chronic pain. That's 1,000,000 peeps in SD county alone. No wonder.

Start listening to the patients. At this point, it would be better to hand the money directly to a "drug dealer" than to a pharmacist. Oh, I just got it. That's what you want. Get em on all sides. Arrested if you do, arrested if you don't.

And could you please train your staff to do actual law enforcement rather than lying to doctors using a false name to get an illegal recommendation. I know, I know, cops can lie. It's all for the greater good, yada, yada, yada. What about the children?

Shirley Sherrod is an excellent example of the spin that has invaded our airwaves consequently ruining people's lives.

You took two full time working taxpaying citizens (we each had two jobs actually), ripped their baby from it's mother's arms, let her crawl under a bed and cry ALL night because I no longer wanted to take the numerous prescriptions they just about forced down my throat. She was still breastfeeding. Oh, and her test came back "neglible". I don't even think it was detected. Nature is funny that way. They told me we could never move back into our house because the "POT" (it's cannabis for the ignorant) was in the walls. Then you told us if we didn't behave in Family Court, it wouldn't fare well in criminal court. What you are doing is criminal.

SAIC's computer tech who processed the most tickets and was beloved, was "let go" after 5 years of employment. He used to clean the "evil weed" out of their keyboards. Hum, who does your guy's tech work? Nevermind. I have more pressing issues.

And why was the Candace Moncayo attack listed as an attempted robbery? If you had classified as a rape, the DNA would not have sat there, untested. He would have been arrested and Chelsea King would have been alive. Oh, that's right. Rape is bad press for a DA. I hope it was worth it. Every single county board said public safety was their number one concern. I ask why then have they NOT offered to pay for testing DNA backlog samples? They have 2 million dollars each a year discretionary funds, oh, except this year it was reduced to 1 million due to SCANDAL, but that's ok, it goes right back up to $2 mil next year. What a punishment. TEST THE DNA!

I'm never done, but alas I must go. I leave you and any other poor sot who is reading this with this link and excerpt:


"HEARN: Well, the DNA Lab makes decisions on the priorities of samples that it’s going to test. And it takes into account all kinds of things, like if a suspect kind of just touches a public area lightly or something like that where it’s – they don’t think they’re going to get a really good sample of DNA, those samples go to the bottom of the list. If they have a really good, you know, a really good DNA sample of, you know, a cup that someone drank out of, I’m sure that goes to the top of the list. Also, the kinds of crimes. The thing with John Albert Gardner, that jogging case was originally classified as an ATTEMPTED ROBBERY and NOT a sexual assault. If it had been categorized as the latter, it probably would have been at the top of the list.

PENNER: So who determines what’s going to get priority and what isn’t?

HEARN: Well, my understanding is, is the scientists who actually do the testing. Certainly, they’re subject to a certain amount of pressure by the police and the others who might be involved in cases who want their cases pushed to the top of the list."

Wage Reason.

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